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Ifft Yorkshires

Ifft Yorks
JJI 48-10x
Ya Know x Cliffhanger

Mother of Grand Division 2 Cross Gilt 2014 WPX

Bred to Battlescar for a November Litter

JJI 50-2x
Cliffhanger x Recon

Mother of:
Reserve Grand Overall
2013 Parker County, Texas
Class Winning Barrow
2013 WPX
The $7600 "Rock Star"
Grand Overall
2014 Parker County, Texas

Bred to It's All Better for a November Litter






Ifft Sows
Ifft Yorks
JJI Topsy 18-5
ADT Table Dance x CDO Par 5

Although this great sow is no longer with us her influence lives on in the many direct daughters, and Snowplow, and Snowcat daughters that are making a major contribution at Ifft Yorkshires.

JJI 9-7x
Ya Know x Recon

Mother of:
Class Winner
Premium Sale Hamp

2014 OYE

Mother of Reserve Division 1 Cross Gilt, 2015 NJSA Southeast Regional
Farrowed Mid January Litter of Prophets






Ifft Yorks
No Fare x Warfare

Littermate to No Limits at McCoys
Mother is $27,000 Schley sow

Farrowed May 15 to Renig
Ifft Yorkshires
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